Awards and Certificates

SCOPE OF WORK: Repairing & painting works
AREA: 22,000 SQM


The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has concluded the construction of interchanges at the Al Mafraq Bridge by opening the path outbound from Abu Dhabi towards Dubai starting from the flyover.

Al Mafraq Bridge project, which cost around AED830 million, included the construction of a main bridge in the direction of Dubai – Al Ghuwaifat, two bridges; one in the direction of Abu Dhabi – Al Shahama and the other outbound from Al Ain westward, and four slip roads extending 18 km. It has 27 lanes and has a total hourly vehicle capacity of 24,000.

The main dual bridge across Dubai – Al Ghuwaifat Road, which extends 75 meters in length, comprises 8 lanes (4 in each direction) measuring 54 meters in width, 10 metres in height, and has 8 supporting pillars of a 25 meters span.

The 800-metre flyover from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain is a one-direction road comprising of two lanes only of 21 meters in height, 17 meter in width and has 18 supporting pillars of a 70 meter span.

Abdullah Al Shamsi, acting executive director of Municipal Infrastructure and Assets Sector, said: “The project comes in the context of the Municipality’s multiple contributions and pioneering projects to develop the city in keeping with the economic & social drive, improve the quality of services in the capital and renovate roads and infrastructure sector.”

The project aims to enhance access to and from the UAE capital, keep pace with demographic change and ease congestion, and is part of the overall infrastructure and social development of Abu Dhabi in line with its 2030 Economic Vision.

Surveys that identified the current and projected traffic flow over the next 25 years, including analysis of the traffic peak hours in the intersecting roads in the area, were conducted at the design phase.

The opening occurred in coordination with the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police.



The new Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal project has achieved more than 97 per cent completion and is expected to open in the near future, according to authorities

Brian Thompson, CEO of the Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), said the Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) at Abu Dhabi International Airport, which will set the benchmark for all airports over the next 20 years, is under operational readiness and testing and that the date for the grand opening of the new terminal will be announced next year.

We are in the final stages of completion of the Midfield Terminal, including operational readiness and testing. We are keen on giving our passengers the greatest experience ever and we want to ensure that we are 100 per cent ready at the time of opening," said Thomson without giving specific timeline for the opening of the new Dh10.8 billion airport terminal.

Uptown was in charge of installation CHWP in the mechanical rooms , electrical works in mechanical rooms & underground pit & installation of pit mechanism all across the new airport. Extensive rich experience have been claimed by our technical & engineering team which is will deliver Uptown to top MEP companies in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

The new terminal project which spans a massive 742,000sqm floor area is expected to boost the aviation sector in the UAE. It will have a capacity to handle 45 million passengers annually.

By offering some of the best facilities in the world with a strong retail offering, ADAC is ensuring the airport is an attractive destination for all airlines and serves as a gateway to Abu Dhabi and the UAE.